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My Pacific Crest Trail Gear List

Aktualisiert: 31. Okt. 2019

You can have a look at my detailed Lighterpack gear list here:

You will also find some comments about that gear and how i liked it.

My overall baseweight was ~6.8 kg (15 lbs), without my High-Sierra gear (Ice axe, microspikes and bear can). That was pretty ok for my first thru-hike. I never had any problems carrying that weight, not even in longer sections when i had to carry a lot of food.

I carried a lot of clothing and will definitely cut down on that for my next hike, but overall i felt quite comfortable in any situation and weather and liked to have some spare clothes for the trailtowns.

In my opinion people put way too much emphasis on baseweight.

Sure, baseweight is important, but some 10-15 years ago people hiked that trail with much heavier gear and also made it to Canada. I think it´s more important to have the right attitude and mindset to reach Canada, and to plan your water supply properly.

I´ve seen way too many people bragging about their "ultra-light" baseweight, who were carrying some 2 liters of water when they reached the next reliable water source.

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